Operational NoSQL Systems: What`s New and What`s Next?
Operational NoSQL systems are relatively new in the data-management ecosystem, and there is much confusion about their capabilities and how they differ from traditional relational database systems. This summary of characteristics clearly distinguishes the two system classes and provides a glimpse into directions for future work.
Jignesh M. Patel (, professor, University of Wisconsin.

Renaissance in Database Management: Navigating the Landscape of Candidate Systems
Big data requirements are motivating new database management models that can process billions of data requests per second, and established relational models are changing to keep pace. The authors provide practical tools for navigating this shifting product landscape and fnding candidate systems that best ft a data managers application needs.
Venkat N. Gudivada (, professor, Dhana Rao (, assistant teaching professor, East Carolina University, Vijay V. Raghavan (, professor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Graph Analysis Tools
Optimum route selection apps became common a long time ago, yet finding the shortest path is not the only practical use of the graph theory, the implementation of which has become possible thanks to special-purpose database management systems and distributed tool environments.
Alexander Smirnov (, Hadoop evangelist, Teradata Think Big (Moscow); Damir Gaynanov (, chair, department of Big Data and video analytics methods, Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg).

Cognitive Storage for Big Data
Storage system efficiency can be significantly improved by determining the value of data. A key concept is cognitive storage, or optimizing storage systems by better comprehending the relevance of data to user needs and preferences.
Giovanni Cherubini, Jens Jelitto, Vinodh Venkatesan ({cbi, jje, ven}, research staff members, IBM Research Zurich.

Accelerator Turned CPU
The second-gen Intel Xeon Phi accelerator based on the Knights Landing architecture became available on summer 2016. The chip can be used as a general-purpose CPU, promising significant changes in the high-performance computing industry, particularly for Big Data processing infrastructures.
Mikhail Kuzminskiy (, researcher, N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry.

Improving Business Efficiency

The reason for flaws in any system lies in the system itself, particularly in an uncoordinated operation leading to resource waste. What parts of an IT system should be synchronized with each other, and how?
Anton Savvin (, CEO, TransTechSvyaz (Moscow).

In the Run-up to Industrial Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things having come from the world of everyday-use smart devices, it is the time now for  Industrial internet integrating the processes for manufacturing sophisticated products. There are no two identical businesses in the world, so integration of individual components across any given digital manufacturing landscape cannot serve as a model for deploying Industrial internet: rather, a solutions development platform is needed.
Vladimir Krayushkin (, project manager, PTS; Marina Pirogova (, Irina Leshikhina (, assistant professors, Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Digital Transformation and BPM
Digital technologies storm into all aspects of people’s life radically changing the way enterprises are run. Business process management, meanwhile, has acquired an additional momentum through the mandatory automation. The era of paper-based processes is over.
Yuliya Wagner (, BPM development manager, Business Console; Mariya Sefer (, independent adviser (Moscow).

A Tool for Digital Transformation

IDC analysts forecast that companies choosing digital transformation as their strategic focus will be leading in 2017. The main problem hindering the changes, meanwhile, lies in implementing new cloud technologies without disrupting legacy systems, which would be hard lacking a special-purpose platform.
Anatoly Tretiakov (, IT services marketing manager, Fujitsu (Moscow).

Testing for Success

Hundreds of mobile apps are created daily, including those that are critical for business and society, as well as apps whose reliability can literally mean people’s or businesses’ life or death. The HPE Mobile Center lab offers tools for mobile app testing that support virtually all platforms and device types.
Igor Levshin (, freelance writer (Moscow).

«Miracles» of Leo Korolyov
Machine translation software, a missile defense system, and the first multi-application OS: these and other «miracles», brought to life by Leo Korolyov, who would be 90 this year, laid the foundation of USSR technology independence over half a century ago.
Ruslan Smelyansky (, professor, Moscow State University, director, Center for Applied Computer Networks Research (Moscow).

ISTINA Helps Universities in Making Management Decisions

There is a diversity of data available on the internet related to the operation of research and educational institutions that could be useful from the management decisions making point of view. As a rule, however, all of that data is stored in databases of disparate structures, requiring processing systems capable of integrating information from various sources. One of such systems, the ISTINA data analytics solution, is being developed at the Moscow State University.
Valery Vasenin (, Sergey Afonin (, Alexander Kozytsin (, researchers, Mechanics Scientific Research Institute at MSU (Moscow).

Cybersecurity, Disaster Management IT, and the Future of User Interface
The May, June, and July issues of the Computer magazine (IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 49, No. 5, 6, 7 2016) focus on the use of IT to improve disaster management, cybersecurity in the Third platform era, and new horizons of user interface design.
Alexander Tyrenko (, reviewer, Computerworld Russia (Moscow).