Open Systems. DBMS.  2015, Volume 23, Number 3COVER FEATURES
Big Data technologies
Real-Time Analytics for Command Center

Hadoop YARN, a framework for cluster resource management, significantly increases the reliability and flexibility of MapReduce with in-memory distributed streaming data processing and therefore allows the creating
of real-time analytics systems that can be used in command centers, for example.
Alexei Kostarev (, director, Nevod; Igor Postanogov (, engineer, Perm State University.

Operating Analysis of Telecommunications System
The efficiency of operating analysis of telecommunications equipment is determined by the capabilities of a system for the collecting and processing of corresponding data, the volume of which can increase exponentially. How deep analysis of network equipment can be performed as telemetry data grow explosively?
Andrey Yegorov (, Alexander Smirnov (, lead engineers, Motorola Solutions.

Data analysis of social networks
Social networks can be a source of additional data concern with customers, but to use it requires specialized tools. Open technologies from the Hadoop stack can to build a platform capable of mass processing mode to extract valuable information from customer profiles.
Olga Ggorchinskaya (, Director of research projects, Andrey Rivkinandrey (, leading expert on Big Data technology, FORS Group.

Distribution, Data, Deployment: Software Architecture Convergence in Big Data Systems
Big data systems present many challenges to software architects. In particular, distributed software architectures become tightly coupled to data and deployment architectures. This causes a consolidation of concerns; designs must be harmonized across these three architectures to satisfy quality requirements.
Ian Gorton (, John Klein (, senior members of technical staff, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.

From Real-Time Enterprise to Wise Enterprise
In the current economic turbulence, the most promising and probably the only viable direction to take would be using solutions that radically improve business opportunities while simultaneously lowering the TCO of an information system. One of the options is an in-memory database.
Rinat Gimranov (, IT Office Head, Surgutneftegaz.

Affordable Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes

As competitive pressure increases, real-time availability of industrial systems operating data can become a survival factor; yet building a solution of this kind is affordable only to large businesses. SMBs, meanwhile, can use open standards and cloud technologies to create an environment for optimizing their manufacturing processes.
Mikhail Borisov (, Chief Technology Officer, BPK.

Bad Parts: Are Our Manufacturing Systems at Risk of Silent Cyberattacks?
Recent cyberattacks have highlighted the risk of catastrophic failures resulting from physical equipment operating outside designed tolerances. A related threat is cyberattacks that change the design and manufacturing of a machine’s part, such as an automobile brake component, so it no longer functions properly.
Hamilton Turner (, director of malware research, Optio Labs; Jules White (, assistant professor, Vanderbilt University; Jaime A. Camelio (, Christopher Williams (, associate professors, Virginia Tech; Brandon Amos (, PhD student, Carnegie Mellon University; Robert Parker (, senior program manager, VirginiaTech Applied Research.

PostgreSQL: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
PostgreSQL, a full-fledged open source database, has given rise to an ecosystem of software vendors offering solutions for data-intensive computing based on the system. Today, PostgreSQL can be considered as a solid alternative to commercial software packages with good reason.
Ivan Panchenko (, Deputy CEO, Postgres Professional.

DBMS: new brands
Multipolar World has an impact on the IT landscape in which the undisputed leaders trying to oust the new players, as is the case in the database market, where today there are new brands.
Dmitry Semynin (, Director of the Infrastructure Department of Information Systems, AMT Group.

Power to the people... Power to the users
There are more than 2 million ITIL certificates, but 70-80% of organizations do not get the ‘hoped for’ value from their ITSM training investment. Why? In his master class given at the 12th Russian IT Management Forum, Paul Wilkinson showed that the implementation of ITIL is often seen as a goal in itself rather than a means for achieving a goal; that is why the power should be given to the users.
Paul Wilkinson, owner and director, GamingWorks.

On the Way to Cloud Manufacturing
The evolution of social platforms opens door to new opportunities in manufacturing process management: centralized operations planning across a single plant or supply chain gives way to a cloud manufacturing model based on self-organization of all manufacturing process stakeholders.
Yuri Zelenkov (, Head of Applied Informatics Department, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

OpenStack in Practice

Natalya Dubova (, Senior Reviewer, Open Systems Journal.

The Future of Web: Emergence of a Cyberphysical Reality
The main topics of April, May, and June issues of IEEE Computer Magazine (IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 48, No. 4,5,6 2015) are new methods and technologies of mitigating cyberthreats, evolution of Web in the next 25 years, and wearable computing.
Alexander Tyrenko (, reviewer, Computerworld Russia.