Open Systems — the oldest Russian magazine devoted to complex information systems. Up-to-date computer platforms, operation systems, DBMS, integration of applications and data, IT management. Software engineering. Problems of IT education.

Target audience: Project managers, directors of IT and system departments. Technical directors, information systems’ architects, IT consultants, analysts, technical specialists, engineers and teachers.  

The main themes: problems of integrating business and IT, the specialties of IT infrastructures management, problems of developing corporate networks and of information security, technologies of automation systems and real-time industrial machines implementing, data visualization and Web-integration, problems of standardization and developing corporate data storage systems.

Open Systems Magazine is practice oriented and based on materials of Russian practicing authors, as well as of constant Western authors, published under IEEE CS agreement.

Significant attention is paid to describing practical experience of developing and implementing concrete solutions at industrial enterprises, in research and state institutions, in transport, medicine and telecommunication companies.

Open Systems magazine has been officially included in the list of scientific magazines, recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for publishing the results of researched performed by aspirants for a degree of Candidate or Doctor of Science.