Open Systems. DBMS. 2014, Volume 22, Number 9COVER FEATURES
IT Strategy 2.0

The key to successful strategic planning of corporate information systems management is establishing a single point of view of the role of IT in a company. A business model representing a company's strategic goals could be a helpful tool for creating such a shared vision.
Yuri Zelenkov (, professor, Yaroslavl State University

Consumerization in the IT Service Ecosystem
Exploring the driving forces behind consumerization is essential, however, if IT organizations are to make sense of the current dynamics of transformation and disruption and formulate effective strategies in response.
Enrique Castro-Leon (, enterprise architect, technology strategist, Data Center Engineering Group, Intel

An Instrument for Process Improvement
Today, many executives pay special attention to increasing their companies' operational efficiency by implementing process management elements, yet often being isolated, those efforts don't bring the expected synergy.
Andrey Koptelov (, vice president, ABPMP Russia (Moscow)

Adapting Server Systems for New Memory Technologies
After decades of a cache, DRAM, and disk data storage hierarchy, new memory technologies are promising nonvolatility, high endurance, and fine-grained data access—all of which could, with some preparation, enable a new storage paradigm in server systems.
Hillery Hunter, (, systems memory strategist, Computer Architecture Department, Luis A. Lastras-Montano (, a research staff member, Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee (, senior technical staff member, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

OpenSolaris Revival: SmartOS
The technology created as part of OpenSolaris project and revived in SmartOS is in demand again - for cloud applications requiring high performance and resilience in distributed environments.
Sergey Zhitinskiy (, CEO, Git in Sky (St. Petersburg)

Microarchitecture for All
Intel's new CPU Xeon E5-2600 v3 proves that the well-known Haswell microarchitecture is suitable not only for tablets and for laptops, but also for servers and supercomputers.
Leonid Chernyak (, freelance writer, Moscow

Platform for Managing Cyberphysical Objects
While the basics of the Internet of Things concept are well known now, it is still hard to evaluate all the issues related to managing cyberphysical objects. The Piligrim platform illustrates the ability to manage mobile robots using cloud computing resources.
Vladimir Zaborovskiy, (, Aleksey Lukashin, (, researchers, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University; Vladimir Mulyukha (, staff worker, Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics

Trust and Privacy Exploitation in Online Social Networks
This survey presents the pitfalls of security protection in online social networks and identifies common attack methods. A harmless proof-of concept malware app demonstrates the vulnerability of online social networks and the significance of the user’s mentality.
Kaze Wong (, researcher, Su-Kit Tang (, lecturer, Macao Polytechnic Institute; Angus Wong (, program leader, Engineering Sciences, The Open University of Hong Kong; Alan Yeung (, associate professor, Wei Fan (, doctoral student, City University of Hong Kong

When Protection Does not Work
Today, almost every organization has information security solutions managed by assigned system administrators. However, it often turns out that it is they that perpetrate insider breaches.
Vadim Gallyamshin (, project leader for information security systems deployments, Artur Skok, lead specialist for security systems deployment, SKB Kontur (Yekaterinburg)

Hybrid Cloud: A New Round of Virtualization

Despite the perception of private, public, and hybrid clouds as having the same nature, hybrid should be thought of as a "virtual reality" created from parts of the other two using cloud virtualization technology.
Leonid Chernyak (, freelance writer, Moscow.

Implementing Issue Management Process

Many companies take evolutionary approach to building their IT process management systems beginning with the implementation of incident and service request management processes. Inspired by success, companies begin to deploy other processes, but fail.
Andrey Trufanov (, IT management consultant, OmniWay, Moscow

Formality, Agility, Security, and Evolution in Software Development

Combining formal and agile techniques in software development has the potential to minimize change-related problems.
Jonathan P. Bowen (, professor of computer science, Birmingham City University; Mike Hinchey (, professor of software engineering, University of Limerick;Helge Janicke (, head of the Software Technology Research Laboratory, Martin Ward (, reader in Software Engineering, De Montfort University, UK; Hussein Zedan (, Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, Applied Science University, Bahrain.

Three Steps to Quick Data

Tibco Software, a prominent player in the integration and business process management markets, expands its portfolio with BI systems.
Natalya Dubova (, Associate Editor-in-Chief, Special Features, Open Systems. DBMS

Life in the Innovation Economy

The August issue of Computer Magazine (IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 47, No. 8, 2014) covers the topic of technology commercialization in the innovation economy
Sergey D. Kuznetsov (, Professor, Moscow State University