Open Systems.DBMS, 2013, Volume 21, Number 10COVER FEATURES

IT Management: New Era, New Challenges
Leonid Chernyak
Efficient private cloud management is becoming a high priority task requiring a radical overhaul of the principles information infrastructure governance is based on.

The 4th Season of IT Management
Marina Anshina
IT is going through a large-scale transformation: either old methods are no more suitable for managing new technology or the majority of new technologies' advantages is inaccessible when old management approaches are used.

Using SAM for Compliance
Vladimir Maksimov
The escalated efforts of law enforcement to fight copyright infringement in Russia define the current interest of local businesses and IT managers in adopting Software Asset Management practices.

On the Verge of Changes: Top Seven OSJ Predictions for 2014
Leonid Chernyak
The year 2014 will be characterized not by particular new technologies, but rather by major trends about to drastically change the IT landscape.

GPUs for High-Performance Computing
Mikhail Kuzminskiy
There is a substantial momentum on the GPU market today with leading vendors offering new solutions that could be used in high performance computing systems.

Processing Big Data in the Cloud
Aleksey Poyda, Andrey Polyakov, Aleksandr Novikov
Multistage distributed processing of a potentially infinite stream of data, such as from satellite translations, is a no simple task. One of the possible solutions is an automated pipeline processing system residing in a cloud.

New Integration Challenges
Artak Oganesyan
The growing popularity of mobile devices together with businesses' adoption of multichannel client support lead to new integration challenges related both to the interplay of a large number of systems and business processes and to the need of a targeted work with users.

Gestural Technology: Moving Interfaces in a New Direction
Lee Garber
Gesture-based interfaces—which let users control devices with, for example, hand or finger motions—are becoming increasingly popular.

Platform Strategic Planning and Forecasting
Dmitry Andrianov, Sergei Ivliev, Vladimir Maxsimov
Penetration of IT in all sectors of the economy, the growth of the accumulated data and the need for operational analysis for sound management — are the reasons for develop the information and analytical platform for solving strategic planning and forecasting.

Performance Testing Complexity Analysis on AJAX-Based Web Applications
Manish Rajendra Dhote, G.G. Sarate
AJAX implementations differ from other Web implementations in making asynchronous requests for parts of a webpage. Techniques routinely used for performance testing traditional Web applications must be modified and enhanced to suit Ajaxbased applications. Testing Ajax-based application performance presents unique challenges, but a new approach can help overcome them.

A Retrospective on User Interface
Zarko Mijailovic, Dragan Milicev
The humble user interface has grown and evolved over the past two decades, shaped by constant change in the desktop, Web, and mobile eras. A recent survey gives a solid overview of this evolution as well as the various UI concerns formed and addressed in the past 20 years—and where this field is headed in the future.

Dual-Use Analytics
Leonid Chernyak
The software developed by Palantir Technologies is predominantly used by government intelligence agencies, but its products are open for use in other areas, too.

Is IT Service Approach Relevant Today?
Sergey Yamov
IT Service Management as a «brand» needs active support today, not only on the part of IT professionals, but also of all who has really perceived the value the approach brings in practice.

Corporate Architecture Ecosystem
Natalya Dubova
David Slight, senior director at Microsoft Global Innovation Center, speaks on the current state-of-the-art in corporate architectures.

Big Data Monitoring Interface
Vladimir Vasilyev
The rapid proliferation of mobile technology encourages the search for new approaches of building user interfaces for complex systems responsible for visualizing large data sets - e.g., for a system that monitors Large Hadron Collider infrastructure.

Ensuring Cache Coherency for Thousands of CPU Cores
Sergey Kuznetsov
The October issue of Computer Magazine
(IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 46, No. 10, 2013) deals with the topic of cache coherency in today's multicore CPUs.

Sweets for the programmer
Valeriy Korzhov