Hyperautomation Strategies, Tools, and Real-World Projects
September 8, 2022

Robotic Process Automation 2022 Forum

Russia's one of its kind event that for the 4th time now brings together users and builders of robotic process automation solutions, along with professionals from various industries who are willing to share their experiences of planning and implementing RPA strategies, as well as deploying and operating continuous improvement pipelines for workflows used in digital economy enterprises.

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The Robotic Process Automation 2022 Forum will be held to discuss the ways of supporting the growth of digital enterprises in various industries, solution architectures, and hyperautomation approaches. In addition, the Forum will analyze implemented projects, discuss the selection of tools that fit your needs, and help you get to know highly qualified contractor teams for RPA-related initiatives.
программный директор серии практических конференций издательства
«Открытые системы».
«Обсуждение «цифровизации» сегодня часто вращается вокруг технологий больших данных, машинного обучения и прогнозной аналитики, но цифровизация — это не про технологии, а про бизнес-модели и культуру работы
с ними. Деньги бизнесу всегда приносили не технологии, а люди. Форум RPA 2022 посвящен, в конечном итоге, цифровизации, в значительно большей степени, чем автоматизация, вытесняющей человеческий труд
из регулярной рутинной деятельности, позволяя человеку использовать интеллектуальные решения
для повышения своей эффективности»
Discussion topics:
  • The stages of creating and deploying a robotic team
  • Is process mining a silver bullet or a dead-end?
  • How RPA, chatbots and artificial intelligence can transform business processes
  • From cost center to income source: How to measure RPA performance and capitalize on the technology
  • Barriers hindering RPA projects: Why some of them fail?
  • Selecting RPA tools
  • Future development prospects of RPA systems
  • Lessons learned from actual RPA project
The Forum program will highlight subjects including:
Indicators and metrics of RPA solution quality; coordinating robotic team development process; integration with corporate IT systems; objective evaluation of RPA capabilities, limitations and implementation barriers; robot orchestration; enforcing the IT security polic
Selection criteria for proprietary and open-source RPA tools; universal hyperautomation platforms; tools for robots programming and integration with enterprise IT systems; tools for modeling software robot configurations and robot monitoring
Actual experience
Designing RPA solution architecture; integration, certification, regulatory compliance; implementing performance tracking and measuring; the hyperautomation culture. Use cases by verticals and enterprise functions: 10+ industries, including finance, telecom, retail, fuel & energy, manufacturing, public sector, healthcare, insurance, and transportation.
The Forum is aimed at:
  • Business leaders, project and data product managers
  • CDOs, chief finance officers, HR managers, CIOs
  • Business development and business transformation managers
  • Analysts, consultants, business process re-engineering professionals, data scientists
  • Business unit leaders
  • Business analysts, consultants
  • Business solutions architects, RPA systems developers
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