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Digital transformation is our present

Moscow October 25, 2017
Open Systems Publications invites you to
SMART INDUSTRY&CITY 2017, a conference focused on digital transformation of industrial and utility sectors.
The professional SMART event welcomes members of manufacturing, fuel & energy, transportation industries, as well as representatives from public utilities, infrastructure, municipal services, and agricultural organizations to discuss the ways of using innovative technologies to:

  • Implement new business models
  • Create and bring to market next-generation products and services
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Make urban and social environment more comfortable and safe

SMART INDUSTRY&CITY 2017 is about sharing best practices and discussing trends related to the digitalization of the real sector of the economy.

SMART INDUSTRY&CITY 2017 continues the series of highly successful
SMART COMPANY forums on digital business transformation
hosted in 2014 - 2016.
Andrey Belozerov
Advisor to Artyom Yermolayev, the Minister of Moscow Government for Strategic
Projects and Innovation
Gulnara Khasyanova
chief Executive Officer,
Alexander Gerasimov
director of Cloud and IT Service Market Analysis,
J'son & Partner Consulting
Dmitry Geraskin
Open Government of the Russian
Pavel Bilenko
TEKNER Engineering Center

sales Director,
Yandex Data Factory

Evgeny Akhmadishin
chief Executive Officer

Maxim Sonnykh
head of Industrial Automation Department
Bosch Rexroth
Vadim Pestun
Ivan Vakhmyanin
chief Executive Officer
Timur Makhalin
head of e-commerce project
Vladimir Weiner
Director, Media Projects and Social Programs Foundation Gladway
Mikhail Mitrofanov
head of Big Data and Predictive Analytics Lab, OMK-IT
Vladimir Opredelenov
Deputy CIO,
The Pushkin State Museum
of Fine Arts
Andrey Kolesnikov
Internet of Things Association
The conference will be held in the form
of thematic discussion sessions:
Digital Manufacturing
Smart City
Smart Energy, Oil & Gas
Digital Transformation of Agriculture
Main topics:
Industry 4.0: processes, technologies, solutions
Industrial Internet for manufacturing and fuel & energy sector
Innovation drivers in industrial and utilities sectors:
smart & big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics
Full digitalization of product life cycle: opportunities and risks
Virtual and augmented reality for manufacturing
Outlook for additive manufacturing technologies
Security in digital manufacturing
General partner
Information Partners
The main reasons to participate:
Nataliya Dubova,
  • Learn best practices from businesses on their digital journey
  • Get guidance from experts in industrial digital transformation initiatives
  • Learn about trends and latest R&D in key technologies and methods enabling digital transformation in the real sector of the economy
  • Discuss hot-button matters with experts in manufacturing processes and IT from various industries
  • Make new business connections
  • Join the professional community of the participants of forums held by Open Systems Publications
The forum welcomes:
  • Directors of Manufacturing
  • Production department leaders
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • CIOs, IT department managers
  • Managers and leading specialists from public utilities and urban infrastructure organizations
  • Heads of digital transformation initiatives from various businesses
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