RPA for any buisiness process, in any environment.
The world`s most widely-deployed Digital Workforce.
What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?
RPA is a Digital Workforce of software robots that can execute any business process. Period.
RPA is really as simple—and powerful—as it sounds. Robotic Process Automation enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. Your "bots" are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.

Think of them as your Digital Workforce. Show your bots what to do, then let them do the work. They can interact with any system or application the same way you do. Bots can learn. They can also be cloned. See how they are working and adjust and scale as you see fit. It's code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy.
Dramatically reduce operating costs with zero error rates. No need to change any of your underlying business systems or applications.
Scale on demand and increase business agility. No need to change any part of the existing business processes.
Business users build and deploy RPA bots in a matter of weeks and see ROI in a matter of days.
What does Enterprise RPA mean for business?
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Optimize labor investment
Improve controls
Increase capacity on demand
Improve auditability
Increase speed
Enhance security
Maximize accuracy (100%)
Deliver business intelligence
Maximize availability (24x365)
Enable digital transformation
Improve business process compliance
Improve employee morale
Streamline Back-Office Systems with
the Complete Digital Workforce
Realize the benefits of seamless ERP process automation with the RPA platform architected for the Digital Workforce of both present and future
Error-free execution of structured business processes by bots
Self-improving automation using AI and machine learning for complex data
Real-time operational and business intelligence ready to be applied, right away
Future-Proof Your RPA Journey
Why 3500+ customer entities in 90+ countries choose Automation Anywhere
RPA technology that anyone can use with ease. Enterprise-grade technology with the intuitive experience of a consumer application
Shortest adoption runway, bots on demand, and 500+ ready-to-download bots. Our customers have thousands of bots in action, every day. This is RPA at the speed of business.
The RPA platform with bank-grade security architecture and centralized controls that exceed the RPA security, compliance and governance requirements of global enterprises.
Combined, RPA + AI + Analytics create the only complete RPA platform designed to deliver an enterprise digital workforce.
Don't automate alone. The Automation Anywhere RPA platform is inseparable from the humans dedicated to your RPA success. A+ is a complete RPA support ecosystem for every step of your RPA journey.
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Automation Anywhere Technologies Already
Available in Russia Now!
Advanced Digital Technologies (hereby "ADT") is a Russian company setup by team of seasoned professionals with an international background and vast experience in the areas of technology, processes, consulting & IT training.
The management has operated in this market for the past 20 years, and during this period we have launched, built, operated and serviced diversified businesses across industries and multiple domains with focus on innovating technologies.
Our company possesses statuses of Value-Added Distributor & Gold-Tier National Preferred Partner in Russia and CIS and we offer the required software for the robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA).

Specialists of ADT will help you to choose the most suitable license pack, will advise on all issues of interest, including licensing and pricing policy, system architecture, effective license utilization, and other issues, related to Automation Anywhere software.

We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. We like what we do.
For many Customers, after getting acquainted with the capabilities of Intelligent Automation, the question arises: "How to use this technology?" To gain experience, it takes time that business does not have. To achieve a quick effect beginning the introduction with technology, specialists of ADT Services are ready to apply the best global practices, considering the specifics of Your business, and develop robotization strategy (RPA implementation roadmap).

The development of such roadmap basically consists of two stages - identification of processes and identification of priorities. To determine the priorities of the processes, it is important to determine the feasibility, complexity, effort and cost of automating each process (or set of processes), evaluation of the expected savings and the subsequent development of a business model (the ROI model).
  • Process mapping:
    • Interview
    • Technological audit
  • Process optimization
  • Calculation of the efficiency of implementation (ROI)
  • Analysis of processes and preparation of technical specifications
In our work, ADT Services team is always result-oriented. Our projects of implementation Digital Workforce (Intelligent Automation) are based on the technological capabilities of the AA platform. Projects can consist both automation of simple processes, and implementation self-training robots, working with unstructured data and using analytical platform. The implementation team includes several executors who are responsible for various functions:

  • Team leader (TL): responsibility for the final result;
  • Solution architect (SA): building the optimal solution for automation;
  • Business Analytics (BA): creating process design documents (PDD) and solution design description (SDD);
  • Quality assurance service (QA): help with testing bots;
  • And, optionally, support technical engineers (STE).
  • Implementation of software robots (RPA)
  • Implementation of cognitive automation technologies (IQ Bot)
  • Implementation of the analytical platform (Bot Insight)
  • Support for developed robots
Clients of ADT Services in their RPA journey can always count on our experience with Digital Workforce, which we are ready to transfer during the training. To make it as useful as possible, our training programs use a variety of real-world examples and scenarios. All teachers are specialists with extensive practical experience in the implementation of software bots.

At the same time, access to the knowledge of the global RPA leader Automation Anywhere, allows not only to offer standard options, but also to develop a training program for a specific Customer, applying international experience in the relevant fields.
  • Developer training
  • Business user training
  • Coordination and training on a personalized courses
  • Creating Center of Excellence
We have been appointed as a Value Added Distributor & Gold-Tier National Preferred Partner of Automation Anywhere, US (global leader in RPA-AI) for Russia, CIS and Ukraine.
RPA and AI are fast becoming the leading and advanced technologies that will accelerate the digital transformation and productivity as well as optimise costs for organisations. The recent growth in RPA & AI is phenomenal and ADT is positioned to create and capture this opportunity as the trusted partner of Automation Anywhere in Russia & CIS, at the same time facilitate digital transformation with the power of People, Relationship and Technology.
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