Data strategies, architectures and practices
in the time of change

Data Management 2022 Forum

A unique event in the world of data management, Russia's only one that for
the 7th time now brings together users and developers from various industries
to discuss key aspects of setting up a systemic data management workflow,
as well as to share ideas, expertise and knowledge to ensure sustainable development of national enterprises.

Program Director
«Our practice-oriented forum has proven to be instrumental in business support and development. Over the seven years, it became Russia's leading tribune for top experts including senior executives of major companies and organizations, officials of federal agencies and business representatives willing to share their expertise in deploying and operating corporate data pipelines ensuring sustainable enterprise development.»
Key forum subjects:
> Implementing a Sustainable Data Management System
> Implementing the Data Ownership Concept
> Data Culture
> Consolidation, Deduplication,
and Uncertainty Elimination in Data Use
> Creating a Single Data Analytics Environment
from Multiple Disparate Sources
> Enabling Business Users to Work with Accurate Data on Their Own
> Selecting a Data Platform
> Typical Data Management Mistakes
In the program:
  • A single corporate data model and industrial data management standards
  • Creating data monetization management workflows
  • Managing metadata and data in procurement and supplies
  • The data culture: distributing roles and determining data owners
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data democratization
  • The architectural landscape for the corporate data model and metadata management
  • An environment for disparate data integration (a data lake, data warehouse, data fabrics, MDM, data hub, data marts)
  • Data quality management templates
  • Data management ecosystem
  • Continuous data quality monitoring, audit, and control; incident management
  • Intelligent data analysis technologies (BI, data science, predictive analytics, visualization, and augmented analytics)
  • Datamart building tools (SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, In-Memory, graph databases, etc.)
  • Data collection, storage and processing tools; BI platforms
  • Proprietary and open-source data management platforms
  • Data integration and master data management tools (Informatica, Unidata, etc.)
  • Data quality management (Ataccama, Informatica, Unidata, etc.)
  • Metadata management, data governance (Ataccama, Informatica, Unidata, etc.)
  • Expertise in metadata management, supplies and procurement management, master data management
  • Tracking your information assets and analytical models
  • Data inventory, document processing, building ontologies
  • Mistakes and challenges in building a data management system
  • New data-driven business models
  • Industry expertise: manufacturing, oil and energy, finance, retail, transportation, telecom, public sector, a total of 10+ industries
The Forum welcomes:
CEOs, business development managers
Chief Data Officers, CIOs
Function and business unit managers
Managing directors, project managers
Architectural analysts, data scientists
Department managers and lead specialists
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