Competition for Chief Data Officers
CDO Award 2021

Announcement of the results and awarding of the winners
Russia, Moscow

Open Systems Publications and "Director of Information Services (CIO.RU)"
invite you to take part in the competition for the CDO Award 2021
Application submission is over

The main goal of the CDO Award is to promote the most significant Russian achievements in the field of working with data. This is an industry award for Chief Data Officers and similar executives who have demonstrated professionalism and excellence in their field.
The CDO Award is addressed to managers whose tasks include defining a strategy for working with data, principles of storing and processing data, data use policies, formation a corporate culture of working with data – in order to create additional value for customers, achieve competitive advantages for an organization, and implement socially significant initiatives.
For creating a new data-driven business model
For improving business performance
For the implementation of an innovative idea
For data quality assurance
For achievements in training of specialists in data management
For the implementation of socially significant initiatives based on data
For the contribution to the popularization of the career,
a special prize of the Award Founder
The CDO Award 2021 Nominees
The CDO Award 2021 stages
01.09.2020-31.01.2021 Acceptance of applications
The nominees can be heads of structural divisions of organizations whose activities are related to the management and processing of big data and the implementation of business projects based on them.
Ways to nominate:
• self-nomination
• nomination by industry organizations
• nomination by individuals (with the consent of the applicant)

To submit an application, it is necessary:
• fill out the application form on the Award website
• submit to the Organizing Committee a photo in JPG 300 dpi
The application is submitted without specifying a nomination, the distribution by nominations is carried out by the Award Organizing Committee.
    February-March 2021 Publication of interviews of nominees, summing up
    The Award organizing committee consolidates information about the nominees in the voting ballots. The Award Expert Council determines the winners by voting.
      16.04.2021 Solemn ceremony of awarding laureates
      Evaluation criteria for nominees
      • Creation of a new business model based on data
      • Launching a new product (service) on the market, creating a new niche in the market
      • Impact on the development of the industry
      • Outstanding performance that increases business efficiency
      • Having a data management strategy as part of the company's business strategy
      • Implementation of organizational transformations necessary for the digitalization of the company
      • Implementation of a project/program/organizational transformation aimed at data quality assurance
      • Implementation of a project/program for personnel training in the field of data management and work with data
      • Implementation of the project/program based on data that had a significant impact on the development of the social sphere
      • Activities to promote of projects in the field of working with data, including participation in events related to the data analytics and data management, as well as professional activity in the media space and social networks

      More about the criteria by which members of the Expert Council evaluate of applicants for the Award in various nominations read here
      Expert Council
      Vera Adaeva
      Director, Center for Digital Development, ASI
      Marina Anshina
      Chairwoman of the Board, RUCIO
      Denis Afanasyev
      Founder of CleverData
      Sergey Zolotarev
      CEO, Arenadata
      Igor Kirichenko
      CEO, Naumen
      Larisa Malkova
      Managing Director, Head of Digital Delivery Practice, Accenture
      Anton Mironenkov
      Director of Big Data, X5 Retail Group
      Alexey Neiman
      Executive Director, Big Data Association
      Mikhail Petrov
      Director of the Digital Transformation Department, Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation
      Vladimir Solovyov
      Director of the Department of Data Analysis, Decision-making and Financial Technologies, Financial University
      Alexander Tarasov
      Managing Partner, DIS Group
      Pavel Khristov
      Chairman of the CDO Award 2021 Expert Council, IT Media Group Director, Open Systems Publications
      Pavel Khristov
      IT Media Group Director, Open Systems Publications, Chairman of the CDO Award 2021 Expert Council
      We are looking for heroes of the data-driven economy – those who have not only chosen to work with data as their profession, but also achieved outstanding practical results along the way. Our award winners include creators of new business models and unique products, authors of innovative ideas and experts in data monetization. We tell about them using all the possibilities of our publishing house. We especially note those who are ready to share their experience, contributing to the formation of a professional community of data specialists.
      Nikolay Smirnov
      Editor-in-chief, "Director of Information Services (CIO.RU)", co-Chairman of the CDO Award 2021 Organizing Committee
      The popularization of data-driven approaches and the CDO profession, which was originally our goal, is very successful. The Award has gained fame and will continue to develop. Enterprises are increasingly working with data, and many projects are becoming cross-functional. It is quite obvious that they go to the level of the entire organization. And most importantly, there are results that CDOs are ready to share, and in many cases there really is something to share.
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      The CDO Award 2020 winners:
      Yana Abramova,
      Executive Secretary, The CDO Award 2021 Organizing Committee
      (499) 703-18-54 вн. 371, 471