BIG DATA 2016: Big Data for Big Breakthroughs

Moscow, March 23, 2016
InfoSpace International Exhibition Center
4, Perviy Zachatyevskiy Pereulok, Moscow 119304, Russia

Open Systems Publications and Corporate Communications Agency OSP-Con would like to invite you to the 5th anniversary edition of Russian BIG DATA 2016 Forum.

The 5th Russian Forum BIG DATA 2016 is the largest and most influential country’s event for sharing experiences, openly discussing current issues, and getting to know the latest in Big Data and business analytics technologies.

It’s already an accepted truth that large amounts of data of different nature coming from wide range of sources is a day-to-day reality for numerous economy sectors. Today, technical specialists master newest Big Data storage and processing technologies while business managers of various roles seek ways to leverage Big Data to achieve new quantitative and qualitative breakthroughs.

The questions as to how get Big Data working for real, increase value through analysis, get competitive advantages, create new efficient business models are on the agenda for many organizations today. Big Data analytics has become one of the foundations for the digital transformation of business.

The focus of attention of the BIG DATA 2016 Forum will be Big Data as a strategic business development tool, analysts’ and key IT market players’ expert advice on using Big Data for addressing various business tasks, and, of course, the practical experience of using Big Data technology and advanced analytics in Russian companies.

Main topics of BIG DATA 2016:

BIG DATA 2016 brings you the opportunity to:

The forum is aimed at representatives from Russian businesses and organizations interested in the issues related to Big Data ROI. The BIG DATA 2016 forum welcomes business managers of various roles as well as heads of IT departments, IT managers responsible for corporate data management, business analysts and data scientists.

The organizers expect the forum to bring together about 300 to 350 participants.

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